Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Simple, beautiful

I love this hairstyle. It reminds me of the faux bobs Bumble did in Hair Stories. Katie actually has very long, thick hair. A few pins and a hot iron made all the difference here. It's formal and elegant but a far cry from a "prom like" up do. I loved it and I hope you do too.

Yours in style,

Thursday, July 8, 2010

So let me "Bb. See"...

It has taken an entire week. Time enough to mentally download and fully comprehend what I witnessed in Los Angeles. It was a happening, or a gathering if you will; hundreds of people who think so much alike you could literally see the mental cloud hovering above them like a thick, brightly colored blanket of energy. My preconception was that I was there to be inspired, impressed, humbled. I knew I would change and grow, but I had no idea how much.

Curious as hell, we wound our way down an industrial roadway covered by asphalt and dirt, finally arriving at our destination. Skeptical of any place named the "Screaming Broccoli", we discovered a warehouse building next to a storage facility and a, well, I don't know what. All I know is that I was pleasantly surprised. Happy to learn we were not at a hair show, packed into a crappy convention center filled with a bunch of nobodies trying to push a bunch of bull-shit ideas and products down your throat. We immediately began to recognize the faces of our colleagues and before we knew it, we've passed an hour in a dodgy parking lot with 200 very well-dressed champions for better style.

Without warning, two french doors encased in red brick, swung open and a crowd of funky hairdressers funneled down a dark hallway toward a low white light and the drown of a bass driven, down-tempo soundtrack. Upon turning the corner and stepping into the light, my body shivered from head to toe.

The stage, the background, the seating . . . all white. Flickering from the back of the house, a barrage of projectors cast fast moving images of amazing hairdressing.

Howard McClarren took the stage and began a visual onslaught of thought provoking imagery. Crafting his way through the first model's hair while simultaneously sharing with us his thoughts about what has just happened in our world and more importantly, to our industry. Taking an introspective look at culture, mentality and the perception of hairdressing and those who practice the craft. It becomes blindingly obvious we are being made aware that hairdressers are more than service providers, we are artists. Strangely enough, we are often our own worst enemy. Allowing an entire generation of creative, style conscious consumers slip through our grasp because we are unable, or unwilling, to look and listen well enough to understand what is needed. Now, more than ever, individuals are opposed to average, paint by numbers hairdressing and are crafting far more interesting color, cut and style on their own.

I'm not going to share with you the details of how the hair was crafted or even what the future of hairdressing may look like . . . not in this post anyway.

You should know that eyes everywhere are opening; your input is valid.
The past is the future and the vision is king.
My heroes challenge the average and ordinary.
I beg you to do the same.

Thank you Sally Lessner . . . Thank you Bumble . . .

Yours in style,

Mark Yori


Thursday, June 10, 2010


Today I got a surprise, which shouldn't have been a surprise at all . . . my wife is BEAUTIFUL.
Lindsay, Pied Piper Photography, you've done it again.
My wife looks so stunning, angelic.
To think, I've been allowed to look at her almost every day for eight years, how did I get so lucky?
I feel the urge to remind all of us guys out there no matter what, or who your married to, they are beautiful.
Make sure you tell them.
Don't wait for a photo.
Do it now.
I love you Lizzie.
You are beautiful.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Coco Before Chanel

Another noteworthy, probably barely seen, amazing movie. Coco, Before Channel tells the tale of the world's most elegant woman. English subtitles do not detour you from enjoying this amazing movie. In fact it almost makes me want to learn French. I soon realize Gabrielle's (Coco Chanel) true genius is not her ability to create, but rather her ability to edit. Chanel had an amazing understanding of what didn't work, what wasn't necessary and ultimately inappropriate. She invented elegance by disposing of over indulgence and re-invented what it meant to be fashionable.

"Developing your eye, learning to identify what does not belong is far more useful than learning how to do the haircut of the moment".

So often people see hairdressers as some kind of great creationists, crafting haircuts from scratch. Developing your eye, learning to identify what does not belong is far more useful than learning how to do the haircut of the moment. There is nothing creative, nothing special about learning how to do a bob, long layers or a shag. A brilliant hairdresser knows how to see past the obvious, how to edit out what does not belong and then leaving behind something special. Like Coco, unapologetically, I have no room in my head to overindulge in the status quo. I will spend my time editing my work, knowing full well I will never have everything just right.

Friday, April 23, 2010

A long road...

This week, we the employees of The Edge On Wellness had to say goodbye to two and a half years of blood, sweat and tears.

The week started out like any other. I was pulled aside shortly after starting my day on Thursday and given the worst news: The Edge would be undergoing remodeling and repositioning, we were no longer needed. We were to be out of the salon by the end of the week. Tom had told me there is nothing we could have done, "We just didn't have a strong enough winter". I have always looked forward to new beginnings but this one was bitter- sweet. We liked working at The Edge. There may have been plenty wrong but there was plenty right - friendly staff, clean salon and plenty of resources.

But as they say, as one door closes, a new one opens and a new adventure awaits us. Before that post, a few thank you's. First and foremost, to Tom Stafford; thank you for the opportunity, friendship and support. It will not be forgotten. Thank you Carmen, for the clean and calm atmosphere. To all of my coworkers, thank you for your perseverance and your loyalty. Those who stayed until the end are true to their word and that is more honorable than anything. Rest in peace, Edgelings.

(former) Creative Director, The Edge On Wellness

Sunday, April 18, 2010

If you haven't seen "The September Issue", you should. The movie is a documentary about the editor at large for Vogue Magazine. The funny thing about the film, for me, is that the main character was the least inspiring. Instead, I was drawn to a woman by the name of Grace Coddington. She is the Creative Director and as such, responsible for many of the wonderful images you see in Vogue. As the movie ends, your mind swimming with ideas, you're given one more push by Grace herself. She looks right through the camera, into your soul and states -

"If you don't have a record of your work, it's not really worth doing, is it?"

This is my first attempt at something memorable, my record. Aryn is a high school student and I'm a hairdresser. She is not a professional model and I am not a professional photographer. However, after much laughter we found a small creative window and were able to capture a few images. This is the first I have edited. I think it looks good, but I would love any feedback or advice as I attempt to capture more of my work. Thank you to Aryn for allowing me to practice my craft and thank you Ashley for helping me. I will post more pictures soon.